NPL Nitro Rush (20 Serv)

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Nitro Rush contains a powerful N.O Pump Complex; Muscle Performance Stack as well as a Energy and Focus Complex. Ideal for individuals seeking:

  • Insane Energy & Mental Focus
  • Increased Workout Performance
  • Explosive Muscle Pumps

NPL’s Nitro Rush is an ultra-concentrated liquid Pre-Workout Formula, allowing for rapid delivery of the most cutting-edge ingredients to boost nitric oxide production. Nitric oxide is a key signalling molecule that acts as a potent arterial vasodilator, which allows for increased blood flow to the working muscle during intense exercise, and ultimately greater muscle pumps. NPL’s ultra-concentrated liquid Nitro Rush contains lactic acid buffers, amino acids, antioxidants and phosphates, enabling you to train with increased intensity as well as aiding to reduce recovery time during exercise.