It’s the start of 2018 and you promise yourself that this is your year, the year that you achieve all your health, diet and fitness goals. And so it begins, you hit the gym regularly, you finally get your meal prep down to a tee, and lets just say in your life Bicep curls, sprints, and chicken breasts is the new black. Everything is looking up, until, well, life happens right? You receive a serious work deadline, or injure yourself due to the fact that you went from zero to hero, in the space of two weeks, and so, gym goes out the window. With that, so does your meal preparation, and you begin to opt for the burgers and fries, because what’s the point of eating healthily if you cannot train, right? Wrong. For far too long, the misconception that hardcore, military-style training is required in order for weight and fat loss to occur. The idea that aesthetic results can only be achieved from training, and that if you fail to attend your gym session for a few days, all your efforts will be wasted. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Living in the hustle and bustle of the 21st century, many unforeseen events arise. Life happens when we are making plans, and sometimes the universe likes to teach us a little thing called patience when we begin to get ahead of ourselves. It often becomes impossible for us to make our way to the gym, or even for an outdoor run when we are in a healthy state, let alone be physical at all, if you are suffering from an injury.

No gym? No problem. When it comes to body weight, and fat loss, it is important to note that your diet plays the largest role, specifically your calorie intake. Resistance and cardiovascular training allows for muscle definition and a toned looking structure to develop, however both fat and weight loss, is achieved solely through the food we eat. Many of us like to believe that if we eat all the health foods on the shelves, and drink all the green juices produced, we will magically achieve our aesthetic goals, and if we eat pizza and chocolates, our goals will be flushed down the drain. Scientifically, and physiologically, our bodies are designed in such a way that weight loss is as a result of the energy in which we consume, versus the energy in which we expend. If you were looking to lose weight, you would need to consume less than the energy you expend. If you would like to maintain your current physique, then you would need to consume the same amount of calories as you expend. If you were looking to gain weight, then you would need to consume more than the energy expended. Regardless of your food choice, if you can successfully achieve this process, then your goals can be achieved. In simple terms, you will still be able to achieve your 2018 goals, even if you miss a couple of days or weeks at the gym.

A great place to start is to download an application that allows you to track your calorie intake for the day. Consulting with a qualified macro specialist, or dietician will ensure that you are consuming the correct energy input according to your body weight and height, as it becomes a dangerous game when caloric intake is selected ignorantly and blindly. Once you begin logging your food and eating within a consistent caloric deficit, you will lose those desired kilograms, with or without the physical activity. A great supplement stack targeted at weight loss won’t hurt either, and can greatly assist in speeding up the process. Once you are able to schedule in some training time again, this will too be an added bonus. However, no gym? No problem.