Pre Workout

Everyone wants to get the most out of the time they spend exercising, and ‘pre-workout’ supplements ultimately assist in achieving that goal. At some point in our training life, we have all felt sluggish, demotivated, fatigued, and filled with dread at the thought of going to the gym, let alone getting through our workout. We are all human, and living in the 21st Century often catches up to us, both physically and mentally. What is the good news? A supplement exists that can assist with giving us that extra little push when we need it most. Whether you are hitting the gym for fasted cardio in the morning, pushing through a heavy weight session after work, or heading out for your usual afternoon run, a reputable, and safe pre-workout supplement will assist in increasing your energy levels, muscle power and endurance during your workout. Sometimes we need a little help, and the benefits and pros of using a respectable pre-workout supplement do outweigh the cons in this instance. Pre-workouts containing caffeine help in burning fat at a greater rate during a workout. Caffeine also promotes alertness and energy post-consumption, fuelling you through your training session. Caffeine and stimulant sensitivity may also be experienced, however this is where moderation is key. A way to possibly get around this issue is to choose a pre-workout with 150grams of caffeine or less. Pre-workout supplements ensure that you have a longer-lasting muscular pump. The bigger the pump, the more Nitric Oxide production within your body. Can we say gains all round? Ultimately, using this form of supplementation leads to greater power, energy and focus. It’s a no brainer here ladies and gents- who wouldn’t want improved endurance and performance? Used conservatively, wisely and with product selection knowledge, this might just change your entire workout game.