Fat Burners

Plain and simply put, fat burners are supplements designed with certain ingredients to increase metabolism, provide energy, and develop the body’s ability to burn fat rapidly. Fat burners work best as a weight and fat loss aid when an individual is in a caloric deficit, and mixing resistance training and cardio together. Into more detail, fat burning supplements are thermogenics, which in essence is a mixture of herbs and stimulants that aid in burning more calories by raising the body’s temperature. As a booster, they provide the energy that you usually get from a higher calorie diet and they also suppress your appetite. Some fat burners also contain fat blockers, which are substances that bind to fat molecules and prevent absorption by the body. It is important to be aware here that this may tamper with absorption from macro and micronutrients too.

There are both pros and cons with the use of any form of supplementation, and it is important to not only be aware of these factors when it comes to product choice, however be aware of your personal physiological strengths and weaknesses too- for example, an anxious or stimulant sensitive individual may struggle with the use of a fat burner, due to the high caffeine content present in the supplement. Moderation and mindfulness is therefore key. Many people find fat burners to be useful for the following reasons: you are able to notice results within a matter of weeks, whereas conventional methods such as diet and exercise take months of consistency and patience. As we know, the scale is not the most reliable way to confirm whether we are losing weight. Fat burners get rid of excess fat deposits in the body, so you are more likely to see the difference when you measure the centimetres lost. We are always looking to save time and use it strategically, and many people enjoy the convenience of this supplement in that it speeds up the process of fat loss, and decreases the time you spend in the gym. Due to the combination of ingredients in most fat burners, the supplement tends to give you more physical energy, as well as mental vitality, which is what majority of us are after living in the 21st Century.

In summation, as I always say, everything in moderation including moderation itself. Nothing will beat conventional methods when it comes to training and diet. Consistency, hard and smart work, a calorie deficit and a solid workout plan will keep you in the game for a long time, however, if you choose to supplement and speed up the process, then fat burners might just be for you. This is a supplement of personal preference.


Written by Chiara Masia